eziAd is a very simple but sophisticated system that distills several decades of advertising agency experience into one easy to use package. eziAd turns the whole multi-stage workflow of requesting, designing, approving and placing an ad - for print, directly on internal web sites and on external internet job boards - into just a few mouse clicks.

eziAd gives end-clients the capability to define and order their ads through their web browser, then observe their progress as they are being designed. The whole process from start to finish is managed online, and both parties - agency and client - can see exactly where the ad is up to at any stage, anytime.

eziAd enables:

With eziAd, an advertising agency can truly collaborate with their clients, provide a premium level of customer service, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. Whilst used exclusively in Australia by Leonard Holt Robb, eziAd is available for licence to selected agencies worldwide, and can be fully branded as an offering from your agency.

An additional feature being incorporated into the eziAd module is the ability to produce template based advertisements automatically. This new feature will create a publication-ready pdf substantially reducing the workload of typesetting departments.

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