For any organisation, be they a government department, a corporation or small business, staff recruitment is a complex and time-consuming process, and finding some way to automate the steps of defining job roles, placing ads and reviewing candidates is a major priority.

eziJob delivers a simple solution for HR departments wishing to create efficiency and visibility throughout the recruitment and review process - an end-to-end e-recruitment solution. eziJob puts the entire recruitment cycle, from writing the job description to scheduling the final interview onto the clients' desktop. With eziJob a company can build a position description, confirm OH&S requirements, seek managerial approval, define a selection committee, place the ad (both print and online), and manage applicants through an applicant tracking system throughout the recruitment process

eziJob is a highly adaptable system that is currently in place in multinational corporations and is used across a range of Government organisations. eziJob delivers both customised and off-the-shelf best practice solutions to meet Human Resource recruitment requirements.

eziJob provides modular solutions in the areas of:

eziJob is a solution that is easy to use, provides accountability and removes paperwork from the recruitment process. It is proven to significantly reduce administration time spent managing the recruitment process

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