eziSuite - Overview

Easy, intuitive, get the job done fast

eziSuite is an appropriate name, because it's the sort of system that you understand as soon as you look at it: it's obvious what everything on the screen is for. The system leads you through each step of the process in a logical way, there's no wondering "What's this field for?" because it's designed so that world you can pick it up quickly and get on with getting on with the job.

Advanced, reliable technology

eziSuite is built using world-class application technology, and is based upon the latest global standards for web-based systems.

There's no need to purchase special hardware or software, all you need is a PC, web browser and internet connection. We use IBM's fast and reliable e-server technology, within a world class application and data hosting environment, to ensure your data is secure and available anytime, anywhere.

Our team of application experts are continuously evolving eziSuite to meet the needs of it's users. As an Application Service Provider (ASP) technology we can roll out any new product development overnight giving access to new features almost instantly to all eziSuite users.

Built to fit your business like a glove

eziSuite is designed to be customised to suit your business. When we implement the system we will work with you to define exactly what functions and reports you need and design them to your exact specifications.

We can modify the level of details of any specific screen in the system to meet your requirements, or change the whole look and feel to match your corporate identity. The flexibility of the system is such that we can produce virtually any kind of report - if you can think of it, we can build it.

Most importantly, this sort of custom tailoring won't cost you an arm and a leg. We've found that many of our customers have similar requirements, so have a library of standard functions we can draw from.

Full training and support

When eziSuite is set up for you we identify your training requirements to ensure the technology is smoothly implemented within your organization. eziSuite has an easy to use Help menu and optional Quick User Guides. Full email and telephone support is provided globally 24 hours, 365 days a year.

We offer special train the trainer and sales assistance programs for eziSuite resellers and participants in eziSuite referral programs.

Low Cost Solution

EziSuite modules are available on an annual subscription basis, and are generally priced based upon volume and usage - making eziSuite available for small, medium and large organizations alike. There is no need for investment in expensive hardware and software infrastructure.

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