Products & Services

eziSuite is a family of sophisticated web-based tools that provide collaboration and process improvement for recruitment and advertising management. There are four separate modules within eziSuite, each designed to perform specialised service. These are:

Each module of EziSuite can operate as a stand-alone function or as part of the complete system.

EziSuite is an Application Server Provider (ASP) technology, that means it is accessed over the internet anytime, anywhere using a secure log on. There's no need to invest in or manage expensive hardware or software.

eziSuite utilises the most advanced internet application service technologies available and is supported by IBM's world-class data hosting services and e-server technology.

Product Development

eziSuite is constantly being innovated. We are committed to ensure that eziSuite evolves to meet the changing needs of its customers. When features are developed for customers that offer advantages to all users, eziSuite's product development team will schedule these within the new product development schedule for rollout throughout the system. As eziSuite is an internet based application whereby enhancements can be made available automatically, with no need for unnecessary software patch downloads or application downtime.


eziSuite offers an extensive range of features that can be made available, modified or removed based on particular customer needs. For all modules eziSuite provides two levels of customisation - Basic and Advanced. Customisation can be as simple as co-branding the system and providing general system set up assistance through to a full evaluation of end-user requirements and re-design of the features, functions and/or appearance of the program.

Training and Coaching

eziSuite is very easy to use and intuitive for any level of user, therefore training requirements are fairly minimal. When eziSuite is set up we identify your training requirements to ensure the technology is smoothly implemented. We provide in-depth agency train the trainer training and sales assistance programs for eziSuite resellers.

eziSuite includes an easy to use online Help menu and Quick User Guides for easy reference.